Let us give you an overview of the challenge and what it entails. After the overwhelming response at the info night we are confident you will want to be part of this as well!








Tracking your food has never been easier! We will teach you how to effortlessly manage your food intake with this app and help build your confidence.

YOU will FINALLY be in control of what you are eating and know you are on the path to success!


Conventional low calorie / low fat dieting sucks. On top of that it just plain doesn’t work. The

standard low-fat / low calorie diets have done more harm for our health than good. Unfortunately

what you have been told is 100% WRONG: Cutting calories DOES NOT mean you burn more

fat – it means you burn less calories.

This program simply and elegantly solves the issues of conventional dieting, allowing you to eat

foods regularly off limits to dieters. In addition, it will rely almost exclusively on nutritious and

wholesome REAL foods (with a few exceptions). Real food is what our body was designed to eat.

When you feed you body in a manner consistent with it’s design your body becomes lean and

healthy – and you become happy.

This plan will deliver fast results to be sure, but even more important it can easily be translated

onto a lifestyle that will last the rest of your life. Afterall, the goal is to help you build lifelong habits

to will mean you can maintain it for life!

You'll be given our amazing food bible of healthy yet DELICIOUS meals to effortless add into your daily routine!


While whole foods are the undisputed king when it comes to nutrition, high quality supplementation goes a long way to enhancing recovery, well being and fat loss. We have teamed up with Ultimate Performance Supplements (UPS) to provide you with the most effective AND great tasting supplements for the challenge. all contestants will receive the following:

*Participants will choose between Ultimate Isolate Protein and Ultimate Plant Protein. Participants will also choose between Ultimate Burn (Fat burner) or Ultimate Power (Preworkout). For mre information on each product please visit

Accountability and support

During the challenge participants will have exclusive access to weekly live webinars. These webinars will have specific topics that will empower and motivate you to keep making the right choices with your health and fitness goals. You will be able to ask questions live on the webinars and share ideas with other participants.

During the challenge, we are there for you every step of the way. We'll want to see your food logs and make sure you're staying on track. If you need some words of encouragement, we're here to help. If you need some tough love and a kick up the butt, we can do that too.

Each week you'll receive emails from head trainer, Sarah Cantle who will keep you focused, in the loop and motivated to make the next week even better!


Bottom line is as soon as you join the challenge, you are part of our team and we only want our team to succeed.

There is simply no better way to give your health a kick-start in the right direction. In 6 quick weeks we will have you on track to a new, healthier and better you!


When you stand on a set of scales and measure your weight, you’re not getting a true picture of what’s going on inside you. Your muscle mass, your fat mass, your fluid levels, how much you’ve eaten, if you’ve exercised or not or the time of the day all affect what your total weight will be.

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your weight loss, weight gain, exercise and training strategies, acomprehensive scan of your body composition is the best method to track positive changes.

Maximising muscle mass and decreasing fat mass are key indicators of healthy changes to your body composition that may not necessarily show up on a basic set of scales.

Get the full story and see real results!

Challenge participants will be given a detailed body composition analysis at the beginning and end of the challenge. This simple body scan, taking less than 5 minutes, precisely measures YOUR unique bodycomposition and provides you with a detailed,

full-page report with your measurements of:

  • Total skeletal muscle mass
  • Total body fat in kilograms
  • Total body fat percentage
  • Visceral fat
  • Total body water
  • Segmental muscle and fat analysis
  • Bone mineral content
  • Basal metabolic rate


Participants will be given the opportunity to attend exclusive small group training sessions tailored specifically for rapid results. There will be 16 classes to attend at multiple different time slots. You can come to as many as you like!

•High intensity interval training in the ARENA training area- During this time the area will be closed off to the public so you will have full reign of the area.

•Every session is different- Forget about boring repetitive sessions. Our trainers will keep things fun and enjoyable which will lead to you working hard and seeing better results!

•You’ll be challenged at your own level- We know everyone will be at a different fitness and ability level. These sessions are structured in a way that you won't have to keep up with or be held back by anyone. You will work alongside everyone else and get the perfect workout!

•Comprehensive programs provided to do in your own time- If you can't make it to the sessions or simply prefer to train alone, we will provide you with detailed full body workout plans to follow. 


This isn't a Biggest Loser contest. It's not about who loses the most weight or has the best before/after photos (although it helps!). We will be using a unique points system which is easy to follow and gives everyone a great chance of winning! Give you


Grand Prize

  • $500 Membership Gift Voucher To Spartans Gym
  • $600 Travel Voucher
  • UPS Lifestyle back- Meal bag, shaker & jug.
  • Train The Trainer Session (Streamed Live To The World)


1st Runner Up Prize

  • $320 Membership Gift Voucher To Spartans Gym
  • $200 Worth of UPS Products (Your choosing).
  • UPS Lifestyle back- Meal bag, shaker & jug.

2nd Runner Up Prize

  • 6 Month Platinum Membership To Spartans Gym
  • $200 Worth of UPS Products (Your choosing).
  • UPS Lifestyle back- Meal bag, shaker & jug.

During the challenge we will be giving out spot prizes to people who we see breaking through mental and physical barriers or even supporting others during the contest. Remember, at the end of the day we are a team!

Does it work? Results Don't Lie!


Your complete 6 week Transformation Challenge includes:

Yes, only $349. If you were to come in and purchase the products off our shelves today that would cost you $310 alone without even taking into considering the eating plans and training!


There is no better time to make a change. The contest starts this Monday July 9th so register below right away so we can be in contact with you and get all of your materials to you ASAP!




(Part Payment Plan Will Incur $10 Set Up Fee)


If you have questions or need more information email